Temporary Tattoos looks as good as real.

  Many people decide to get a tattoo, but end up regretting their decision– the damage has been done, and tattoos are permanent. So in order to avoid the so-called “tattoo regret”, you can use a temporary tattoo to test out the design you want.
  Just like a free trial membership; you are not entitled to any payments or fees, and you are free to try it out to see whether you like something or not. If you like it, you would continue paying for your membership, but if you didn’t feel like it was something worth investing money in, that’s it. You would just end the free trial and opt out of further payments.
  That’s how temporary tattoos work. You can print out your designs using customary DIY tattoo paper, then stick it on your skin for a free trial of that tattoo you’ve been wanting to get! So instead of getting inked first and regretting later, you can use our temporary tattoos to test your design and decide whether you like it or not before actually getting inked.