How To Apply Full Nail Water Decals Perfectly?

How To Apply Full Nail Water Decals Perfectly?

Full nail water decals are a god send for those girls who love doing Nail art but don’t have enough time to paint their nails and omg the waiting is a big no ….no..? But still they love nail art now & they can enjoy nail arts with help of full nail water decals.

Things Required:

You need a glass of water.
fast drying top coat.
a full nail water slide stickers/decals.


Step 1:
First take the decal according to your nail size and trim it if needed.

Step 2:
Now take the decals and dip them in a glass of water with help of tweezers:

Step 3:
After a few seconds, take that out and it will slide automatically from its backing :

Step 4:
Now put the decal on your nail and press them according to its shape:

Step 5:
Cut the excess and smooth down the decal using the emery board given in the pack:

Step 6:
Finally apply fast drying top coat and you are done but keep one thing in mind that you should be doing one nail at a time.

Let’s see how full manicure looks: